You don’t have to be a mathematician to do this. You just need to pay attention a little bit.

It’s a Simple Equation

A lot of restaurateurs never really thought about the equation that produces sales in the restaurant, and I wanna go over it very quickly.

The equation that creates sales in your restaurant is:

average ticket order X seats in your restaurant X number of turns per day

Work on these Variables!

If you can work on any of these variables: if you can raise the average order value, if you can get more seats in your restaurant by adding space (maybe adding outdoor tables) or you can turn tables more often in a day, then you will have higher sales.

One consideration about turns in tables is that a lot of waitstaff will really promote dessert and coffee. That is a good time to not be selling, because the turn of a table is going to produce more revenue for you than coffee and dessert will.

So, that just a helpful equation to be able to see what produces sales in your restaurant.