How It Works

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Step 1: Get An Audit

We’ll look over your current Adwords account and website to see where improvements can be made. Then, we’ll have a video call so we can report what we found.


Step 2: Decide Approach

Depending on what we see in our research, we may recommend custom landing pages or a new website to get the most out of your PPC Campaign.


Step 3: Establish Goals

Together, we’ll come up with what we’d like to accomplish with your Pay Per Click Campaign. These goals will help us all know if the ads are successful.


Step 4: Start Google Ads Campaign

Getting everything ready takes about a week. Once we have all the set up done, your ads will go live, and you’ll start getting traffic right away.


Step 5: Test and Optimize

Continual testing and optimization is where the real sales propulsion comes from, so we’ll be working on your account and making changes constantly.

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Testimonials from some of our Awesome Clients

Randall Thompson, Founder of Dug Out Mugs

Ryan Eldridge, Director, Piano In a Flash

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