What is Keyword Quality Score, and Why Should I Care?

Hey, Mark here with more Advanced Digital Marketing For Real Estate Investors. Today, I want to talk about keyword quality score. A lot of people don’t really understand what keyword quality score is and how it’s calculated, especially where to find it in your Google Ads account. It is pretty important. It’s helpful to know.

It’s a good metric to be able to see how your keywords are performing because if you have a low-quality score, then you’re going to pay directly more for getting clicks, and if you have a high-quality score, you’re going to be able to pay a lot less for clicks.

How Much Less?

Literally, about one-quarter of the price.

If you’ve got a one out of 10 quality score on a keyword, you’re going to pay about four times the amount that you will if you have a 10 out of 10 quality score on that keyword. Let’s jump in to Google Ads and take a look at the interface. I’ll show you where to find quality score and show you what to look for.

Where to Find Your Scores

Okay, so again, we’re right here in the Overview page of Google Ads, and we are looking for keyword quality score.

Where are we going to find that?

The thing to do is to scroll down here to “Keywords.” Well, let’s see. Before you do that, actually make sure that you set a date range that is appropriate, so again, click that dropdown menu there. Go down to… What we have here is 30 days. You can just click on the gray bar here. It will refresh like you see here, and now we’re looking at 30 days data.

Diving Into The Keywords Tab

Let’s go to the Keyword tab over here on the left. I have narrowed it a little bit, and over here, you see quality score. Now, it may be hard to find quality score here in this page, and I’m going to show you how to do it. When you’re in the Keywords tab, go over here to Columns. Click on this and hit “Modify Columns.”

Changing Characterisitcs

Right here, you get the options of the columns that you can modify for keywords, so you can add all of these characteristics here in performance. You can add conversion kind of characteristics.

If you scroll all the way down, you’ll see quality score down here. Click this dropdown arrow, and then these are all of the attributes of quality score that you can add, so you can look at historical quality score, expected click-through rate, ad relevance, landing page experience, historical, but what we want is quality score. Okay? That’s what this video is about, quality score.

Removing What’s Unnecessary

I’ve already clicked on Quality Score here. I’m going to click off of it, and I’m going to click back on.

Once you click on that, go over here to the right side where it says, “Your Columns,” and you’re going to want to drag that metric up kind of up to the up, which is going to bring it over to the left so you can actually see it.

Why You Need To Be Able To See All Metrics

Otherwise, it’s going to be off the page and you’re not going to be able to find it, so go ahead and drag this up like this. Keep dragging it all the way up past everything up here at the very top, and you can reorder these as much as you want. You can click off these other ones. I’m removing other ones. I’m removing clicks. I’m moving the estimated top of page bid.

These ones up here, these columns, you can’t actually remove those. They’ve got the lock there. You can’t remove them. Let’s go back down to here where it says, “Save.”  I’m going to save it, and then quality score has appeared right here just past all of these columns that I can’t delete.

Making Sure Everything is Organized

Then, you could sort by top to bottom. I’ve sorted them for the highest quality scores, so 10 out of 10 quality score. 10 out of 10.

These are really good numbers.

What Do Scores Mean?

9 out of 10. We got some that are 8 out of 10. We got some that are even lower down 7 out of 10. We really don’t want to have anything that’s lower than 7 out of 10. If you do have a quality score lower than 7 out of 10 for any of your keywords, you really want to work on the ad copy and you want to work on the landing page experience.

What that means is you want to get those keywords over to the landing page, so if its, “We buy houses,” make sure that that is mentioned on the landing page.

If it’s, “Sell my house in Denver,” then ideally, you’d literally have the whole phrase, “Sell my house in Denver,” somewhere on the landing page.

That’s what’s going to make the quality score higher. If you have a higher quality score, you’re going to pay less for bids, and this is one of the key kind of critical ways you can pay less for your Google Ads.