Mastering Keyword Intent

Hey, what’s up. It’s Mark from Rokket Science, and this is Advanced Digital Marketing for Real Estate Investors in under two minutes.

Today I’m going to talk about keyword intent.

A Three-Level System

There are three different stages to a funnel when someone is going to buy something online, or they’re going to contact you online.

  1. There is the highest stage of the funnel which is kind of the research stage.
  2. There’s the middle stage lower down which is the comparison stage.
  3. Then there’s the lowest part of the funnel, and that is the buying stage.

What’s interesting about real estate sort of motivated sellers is that they’re usually at the bottom of the funnel and that makes your job a lot easier. That’s really good, and we want to capture people that are at the bottom of the funnel.

The Bottom Of The Funnel is Ready To Act

These are people who are ready to buy now.

They’re not up at the research phase.

They’re not at the comparison phase comparing you to We Buy House and We Buy Ugly Houses. They’re at the bottom. They’re at the buy now I need a solution now point.

Have a Clear Landing Page

What’s very important is that you not send them back up to the top of the funnel.

For that reason, we typically send motivated sellers to a landing page.

This is going to be a very singular action kind of focused page that they’re going to land, doesn’t have many tabs for them to click around. There’s an inverse proportional relationship to the number of things that they can do on the site (like clicking around) and them submitting their information or calling you.

Remove the Lengthy Thought Process to Convert More

We don’t want to give them a lot of options. We’re going to send them to a landing page. Just keep in mind that it helps your job as a real estate investor a lot to have people going to the bottom of the funnel. Typically when they call you, they’re ready to sell now.

We want to make sure that we don’t send them back up to the research phase because when they go back up, and they start looking around, they’re going to get distracted and they’re not going to call you.

They’re going to call your competition.

Talk to you soon.