What’s The Deal With Google Recommendations?

Hey, it’s Mark. Welcome back to Rokket Science, advanced digital marketing for real estate investors. We’re continuing to walk through the Google Ads interface because what I’ve found is that most real estate investors, they just have not been in it. Most have actually had a bad experience with it. I can tell you that my experience as a fellow real estate investor, and as an Ad Words expert, and a marketing expert is that for your money, Google Ads is one of the very best places to find motivated sellers and to get real estate leads. So, I’m going to continue walking through the Google Ads interface, and let’s jump into Google Ads and take a look.

Understanding The Recommendations Tab

Right here in the Google Ads interface, let’s take a look at the recommendations tab. Up here at the top left of the navigation, for the kind of functional navigation that you see on the left side of the screen is what’s called recommendations. Now, we don’t spend a ton of time in this when we’re managing your Google Ads for real estate investors account.

Oftentimes, it’s actually managed so well that we don’t see a lot of recommendations in here. But, if you’re doing this yourself and you want to get a little bit of a sense of the account, then a good way to do it is to jump into this recommendations tab.

The Higher The Optimization Score the Better

Right now, we see that in this account, the optimization score says basically 92%. So, it says that things are set up pretty darn well. But it does give a few recommendations. Let’s take a look at what those are. It recommends bids and budgets, which says could increase things 5%. It recommends some adjustments to ads and extensions, which could increase things around 3%. It has those right here. Sometimes you see in a Google Ads account, many different tabs here and you kind of click on them, and it’ll open it up. But, right now here, we just see everything that it has.

Google Isn’t Always Right

For bids and budgets, the recommendation that it makes is to optimize your ad visibility with a fully automated bid strategy.

I actually disagree with this advice.

The reason is that Google always wants you to do everything completely automated and basically let them take over. If you don’t have any experience in Google Ads, that may be, well, it doesn’t usually work. That’s part of the reason why real estate investors have had such bad experiences with Google Ads. They’re busy running their business. They don’t have time to go into Google Ads to learn how it works. So, they set it up on an automated bid strategy.

Google is happy to spend your money, and they don’t do it very efficiently.

What is The Best Bid Strategy For Me?

When you set up an automated bid strategy, they will spend money that you don’t need to be spent.

What we recommend for starting an account is a manual cost-per-click bidding strategy.

So, getting in and actually changing those bids manually. And then we recommend potentially going to an enhanced cost-per-click model. This happens in the future and you have to have a certain amount of conversion data for that to really work well. What we like to see is a minimum of 15 to 20 conversions per month for that enhanced cost-per-click bidding strategy to work. In this case, again, I kind of disagree with what Google says.

Ad Extensions

We’re going to click back to recommendations. It says, this other one over here, ads and extensions, add a structured snippets extension to your ad. So, right now it says your ads aren’t as prominent as they could be if you used structured snippets, which can improve your click-through rate.

I do agree with that recommendation.

We like to use as many ad extensions as possible. Google also really likes it. They will help you with ad rank if you have more extensions of any kind. There’s about 12 or 14 extensions in Google Ads. They like it because it makes the real estate on your ad bigger, and actually pushes down your organic results. It also brings in more clicks, which is good for Google and good for you.

We do like to use as many extensions as possible in the Google Ads interface. So, we can talk about this in another video but you do want to go through extensions and set up every single one that you can. This account does have most extensions already set up, but I think I’m going to go in here right now and set up this structured snippet. So, I’m going to get to that and I’ll see you soon.