How To Become The Top Ad Result For Your Keywords

Hey, what’s up. Thanks for coming back to Rokket Science Advanced Digital Marketing for real estate investors. Haley suggested that I film this video because it was missing from our little spiel of videos here. So, here we go. I’m going to talk about, ad rank, how it’s calculated, and how the auction happens at the top of the page when Google runs ads.

What Does The Process Look Like

Okay. So here’s what happens. Someone comes along to Google, and they type in a search query, like sell my house in Denver, Colorado.

Well, Google takes into consideration literally 70 million points of data to determine who gets to run in that auction, as well as who kind of fills up the organic results down below. But what we’re talking about now is Google Ads at the top of the page, those five ads that you typically see, how do they know who to put in each place. Well, I’m going to tell you a little bit about how that auction is created, in less than one second of time, and how the ad rank is determined.

How Cost Per Click is Determined

So the cost per click that you pay is determined by the ad rank of the person below you divided by your quality score.

You can’t just buy your way into that auction up at the top of Google. Things are run by an auction.

The people who have the highest ad rank, show up the highest, and people who’ve got the second highest ad rank to show up below them, and the people who’ve got the third highest show up below them.

So ad rank is determined by a few factors.

Keyword Quality Score Matters

One is determined by the bid that you pay for a click or kind of the amount that you’re willing to bid times the quality score of the keyword.

So what’s the quality score. Well, the quality score is how closely related your keyword is to the search query that was typed in. Also determined by the ad that runs for that keyword, and so ideally you would have your keyword in that ad as well.

Have A Solid Landing Page

The third thing is the landing page that someone goes to when they click on that ad.

Okay, so you want to have that search query ideally, sell my house in Denver, Colorado or sell my house quickly or we buy houses, whatever that search term is, you want to have that as an exact keyword. You want to have it in the ad itself, in the ad that runs that you see up at the top of the page, and you want to have it on the landing page. That sort of combination of those three determines the quality score of that keyword.

Get Your Quality Score UP

Quality score is evaluated at the keyword level, and so quality score times the amount you’re willing to bid for that keyword gives you ad rank.

If you want the highest ad rank, you want to have the highest quality score, ideally 10 out of 10.

1 out of 10, 2 out of 10, 3 out of 10, those are the lowest, going up to 7, 8, 9 out of 10, and I can show you on another video where to find the quality score for a given keyword.

Spend Money To Make Money

You want to have the highest quality score possible, and then if you’re able to bid a higher amount. So in a lot of markets, bids for these motivated seller keywords are typically over $20. They can be up to $40 even $50, and in some really hot markets, it can be $60 or $70.

The good news is that they convert really, really well if everything else is set up really well.

So get your ad rank as high as possible.

Bid as high as possible.

You’ll be able to run up at the top of the auction, and you’ll be able to be the first person that someone clicks on when they want to sell their house quickly, and you can do really, really well with ad words. We see it every day.