The One Element That Changes The Game

Hey. It’s Mark at Rokket Science, Advanced Digital Marketing for Real Estate Investors. I’m going to talk about something today that’s so simple, it sounds obvious, but I think there’s a high likelihood you’re not doing it right now, and you could be more successful if you do.

We audit a lot of accounts. In many cases, phone calls to see how well the call quality is and how well the leads are coming in. We really take a vested interest in businesses that we work with, real estate investing businesses that are looking to get motivated sellers.

Answer the Phone

I’m going to tell you something that is a huge difference between businesses that work, and those that don’t. Real estate investors that have success, and real estate investors that don’t have success.

It sounds really simple, Here it is…

The successful ones answer the phone every single time.

Why Answering is So Important

I mean, people are paying us thousands of dollars to manage their account. They’re paying thousands of dollars in ad spend, in some cases $3000, $4000, $5000 a month, maybe more. They’re paying maybe $100, $150, $200 for a phone call to come in and they don’t answer it. And they think, “Well, I’m awfully busy getting a house rehabbed or whatever, managing a crew…”

Well here’s the thing, internet leads that come in, they have no loyalty to you whatsoever.

And if you’re not answering the phone, guess what? There are four other people above and below you that they can go to, and will go to right away. If you don’t answer the phone, they’ll go right to the next company.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

It sounds simple but it’s a really big deal. You need to answer the phone every single time.

Now you’re not going to be able to do that, no way. So we would recommend services like PATLive, AnswerConnect, or another phone answering service that can answer the phone. Ask some questions, and then do a warm transfer straight to you. So if it sounds like a really good call, they’re going to call you. Definitely answer their call every time, because they’re going to port that number right over to you. You can then talk to that motivated seller, get that deal done, and get it closed.