Three KPI’s You Must Be Aware Of

Hey guys, it’s Haley again with Rokket Science. Let’s talk about those other three KPIs that matter most. So again, those other three KPIs are your organic search traffic, total linking domains, and the rank of your primary keyword.

What is Organic Search Traffic?

Organic search traffic, you find this in analytics. Here’s just a quick way of how you find it.

Within analytics, go to reporting, search traffic, and then apply.
That’ll give you a nice graph. You can set the date range to whatever you want, and that’ll give you your organic search traffic. You have to have the goals set up to capture form fills and phone calls. As long as you have that, you’ll be able to figure out your organic search traffic.

Be Aware of Total Linking Domains

Then you want to also figure out your total linking domains. There’s a lot of different tools that do this, and one of them is SEMrush or SpyFu. You can just plug in your domain into one of those, click search, and then there’ll be some section where you can figure out the different domains that you’ve got backlinks to.

Make Sure Your Primary Keywords are Ranking

Lastly, you want to figure out what the primary rank is of your most important keywords.

Now, this is actually least important, and it’s going to fluctuate around a lot.

You’ll make yourself crazy if you spend too much time looking at this or trying to perfect it, but it’s good to just kind of keep an eye on this. You can use the same tools I already talked about to take a look and just get a snapshot of how you’re doing with this. If you’re not ranking it all, then pay a little attention to it.

Okay, those are the last three important KPIs. Don’t stress too much about them, but every once in a while, just take a look and see how you’re doing.