Transparency, Integrity, Honesty

Hey there, it’s Mark with Rokket Science and this is another video where I want to take a little deeper, what we’re talking about, transparency, integrity, and honesty.

Transparency Can Be The Differentiator

In another video, I had talked about a unique selling proposition or a USP. A unique identifier that makes you different then other investors in the market place is to be more transparent.

So I want to tell you about some of the best advice that I ever got.

And this advice came from my good friend, Peter Jones. Peter Jones is a realtor and he’s also just a dear friend, has been for a long time.

A “Lightbulb Moment”

So, at one point I was buying some houses in the market place and I was talking with Peter because I had gotten into some heat from some sellers that had said, you know you guys are just offering really low prices, you’re just kind of scamming people and whatever.

And we hear that from time to time, right? It’s controversial what we do as investors.

So I was talking to Peter about that, and I said, “you know I really struggle with this because I’m kind of an emotional guy and I don’t want to upset people or make people mad at me.”

“And so what do I do, I want to be doing real estate investing and I don’t want people to be upset with me. If I don’t want them to be angry, if I don’t want them to be calling me and sort of being upset on the phone.”

And he said, “I’ll tell what you should do, when you go out to take a look a property, when you look at a house and you’re talking with the seller, you tell them exactly how you’re going to make money.”

Tell them, “look I’m not here to buy this for myself. I’m here as a real estate investor and I’m buying this property for under market and this is how much under market I’m going to buy it for. I’m actually going to buy it for, maybe $100,000 under market. That’s what my offer is, this is the value that I see that it is, this is how I’ve come up with the price, this is what I’m going to buy it for. I’m going to turn and assign the contract to someone else and that’s how I’m going to make money.”

“Or I’m going to come in here, and I’m going to put maybe $10,000 in it and then I’m going to go make $60,000 and that’s my goal.”

The Meaning Behind Peter’s Advice

You know when he said that, this light went off. I almost got like water in my eyes when I’m talking about it right now because it was so clear and obvious that that is just such a beautiful way to go.

Be Truly Candid

Just tell them exactly what I’m here to do, right? And how I’m here to do it, how I’m going to make money, how much money and what my intention is, how it’s actually going to go and not some bullsh*t about how I’m going to say it’s going to go this way, but it’s actually going to go that way. Or I’m going to buy it and live in it and instead I’m going to sell it next week.

So a really great thing to do is to be totally transparent about how you’re going to make money. And if you do that, if you employ that, it can really feel great.

And you know, what was that quote, “The softest pillow is a clean conscience.”?

Yeah, think about that.