Auditing To Optimize Content

Hey guys. It’s Haley again from Rokket Science and I want to talk to you about auditing your content on your site. Whether it’s your pages, your blog posts, all of it.

Now, what is auditing your content? Well, it’s taking a look and seeing how good it is. So, keep in mind that Google’s Panda algorithm is something that just totally has demolished a lot of people.

What they are looking for, they being Google is user experience. Just overall, how is the user experience on your site and on your page? If your user experience sucks, Google is going to penalize your SEO.

How Do You Make Google Happy?

So, how do you make sure that they’re having a good time reading your content and that they can consume it easily?

Keep It Simple

Some of the ways that you do this are to get rid of thin content, duplicate content, something that’s just highly outdated, keyword stuffing and anything that’s not actually helping your users get the information that they’re looking for.

Just completely irrelevant pages is a good example of this. So, once a year, you need to go through all of the pages on your site and hint, hint, this is a great thing for a VA or an assistant to do. You should not be doing this yourself.

What Should You Be Looking For?

Take a look at what is going on actually on your site.

Get Organized

So, you need to build a spreadsheet. Just a simple spreadsheet and have a few things that you’re tracking.

  1. You need the URL, the keyword, and the title of the page.
  2. What is the overall purpose of the page?
  3. You need to figure out if there are any issues with it and if there are issues, what’s the proposed action that’s taken? Is it to delete the page? Is it to combine it with something else?

Is it to do a 301 redirect to another more relevant page and once you figure out the action, actually maybe you want to keep the page also.

That analysis is really important.

Take Action In a Proactive Manner

Once you figure out what action you’re going to take, then you need to have a column set next to it with when that action was taken.

So that you keep track that you actually did what you needed to do to make sure that your users are having the experience that they need.

Keep in mind this is all about user experience.

Google will penalize you if your readers, if your site visitors, people who want to have you buy their home aren’t getting what they need. So, do this once a year. Have someone else help you. Then make sure to combine, delete and do anything that you need to do to make sure that your viewers are getting what they need.