Negative Keywords: Why You Should Care

Hello, it’s Mark with Rocket Science, Digital Marketing For Real Estate Investors. Today I want to talk about negative keywords, what are they, and why do they matter?

Well, negative keywords are a critical part of a campaign. So when someone types in a search query that triggers your ads that run, and someone can click on your ad, go to your website and hopefully give you a call so they can sell their house to you. When you look at a search terms report, if you look at the things that people typed in to find you, often times what they typed in was not actually what you’re looking for.

How You Can Fix This

So maybe it had the word realtor.

Where can I find a realtor to sell my house?

Or, learn how to sell my house.

In that first example, realtor might be a negative keyword that we want to put in there so they can’t run our ads if it’s got the word realtor in there.

Then the second example, where can I learn how to sell my house, it’s probably someone who’s going to sell it by owner. You don’t necessarily want to talk to that person, so the word learn is going to be a negative keyword.

Learn to Love Your Search Terms Report

You’re going to want to look at the search terms report every week, and you’re going to want to continually add negative keywords to your list.

Typically when we’re running a campaign for a company, we will start with a big list of negative keywords. At this point, we’ve got a huge list of negative keywords that we run, that we’ve accumulated over all the different accounts that we’ve been managing.

It’s really a great asset that we have.

Understanding And Applying The Results

You’re going to want to look at your search terms report, and ask: “The person who searched for this, could they have potentially become a client?”

And if not, if it’s indicative of the search term search query they typed in, you may want to take one of those words and add it to your negative keywords. Typically you’re going to want to add five to twenty negative keywords per week.