You Need Phone calls & Form Fills

Hey, how you doing? It’s Mark with Rokket Science, Advanced Digital Marketing for Real Estate Investors.

So, let’s talk about the critical element of making AdWords work. There’s one big thing that, if you don’t have this right, it ain’t going to work. It will never, ever work. And we go in and audit campaigns and accounts every week with real estate investors like yourself, and I’d say probably a third to a half of them do not have this thing set up correctly. It’s really important.

Can you guess what it is?

You need to set up conversions properly, or you need to get some help doing it.

The way to optimize a campaign, the way to optimize an account, is to have conversions set up right so that we know what to optimize for. When we’re optimizing for AdWords campaigns, we’re optimizing for more good, less bad. We want to have more things that converted, and we want to have less things that didn’t convert.

How to set up Tracking Properly

So, how does conversion tracking … How is that set up?

Well, we set up conversions in AdWords itself, and they typically look like form fields. We’re going to set it up to the … When someone fills out a form and they go to a Thank You page, the visit to that Thank You page is a conversion.

You Want Phone Calls

But more importantly than that is that most real estate investors, they want phone calls.

That’s really what they want.

And how do you track phone calls?

Well, we typically do it within CallRail. We have to put some code on your website.

Implement Google Tag Manager on your site!

We put the code in Google Tag Manager, and we configure it all properly. But we want to typically convert or have kind of three conversions that are tracking: Google call extensions, Google Ad phone number implementation, and number three, calls from your website.

So, we will set up dynamic number insertion on the website. When someone comes through a Google ad, it switches the phone number on your website to a call tracking number. The calls goes through that tracking number to your cell phone, and it counts as a conversion.

That’s how you do it. You got to have that done.