How To Ensure Full Optimization in AdWords

Hey, there. It’s Mark with Rokket Science, Advanced Digital Marketing for Real Estate Investors. It’s very important when you’re working in Google Adwords that you continue to optimize the account on a regular basis. You’re going to optimize things potentially at the account level and settings, but definitely at the campaign level, ad group level, ads, and keywords.

So, what do you do to optimize it on a regular basis?

Adjust Your Bids Based on Conversion

Number one is you’re going to change bids on a continuous basis.

Part of what’s great about Adwords is that you can know what is converting, not only the keywords that are converting, but also devices, times of day, locations, gender, income. You’re going want bid adjustments up and down so we’re always adjusting up towards what is working, and we’re adjusting down for what is not working.

Always Be Ready to Adapt

Number two is that we’re going to continue to add new keywords to the account on a regular basis.

So, you’ve got keywords that are running in the account now. A lot of them are going to be a modified broad match, which means that it’s going to be people will come in and search and trigger the ads, but they won’t have searched for your exact keywords. They will have searched for a variation of it.

We want to find those variations that are working, that are converting, and we want to add those into the account as new keywords.

So, how many keywords are you going to add to the account? Maybe 10 to 50 a week.

Experiment to Find The Perfect Fit

Number three, we’re going to test ad copy.

So, we’ve talked about in some other videos that we are going to split test ad copy. We’ve got two ads running typically in an ad group, and we want to continue to test those on a regular basis.
Okay, well what do you test? We’ll test the headlines.

A headline is meant to get someone to read the rest of the ad, and the ad is meant to get someone to go to the landing page. So, continue to test headlines and continue to test new ads to find out what’s working and what’s converting.