How To Be Different, and Better Than The Rest

Hey there, it’s Mark, and Ben here on our team, he’s got a lot of great ideas. He had an idea for a video talking about how to differentiate yourself as a real estate investor.

Now, as a marketer and as someone who’s worked with all different kinds of companies and certainly with a lot of real estate investors to help them with their marketing, it’s true that there’s very little differentiation in the market.

Many investors have got a very similar looking website.

A lot of them use the very same keywords, we buy houses.

A lot of them have actually pretty terrible content on the website that doesn’t really mean anything. It talks about we buy houses and divorces and foreclosures and whatever, and that’s why it’s very important that you have a unique selling proposition.

By Reading This, You’re Already Ahead of The Game

Most investors in your marketplace are never going to figure this out. They’re never going to differentiate them self.

They have no idea why that would even be important, but you know better.

Okay, so how do you differentiate yourself as a real estate investor? What is your unique selling proposition? How are you different? It’s a good question. Here are some ideas.

Speed Counts

Number one is the speed of the sale. Everybody talks about getting the house bought quickly.

Well, how fast can you actually do it?

I mean, truth is if you’ve got the cash you know that you can close on that house in five days. Can you actually do that? Can you close on it in seven days, 10 days? Can you guarantee that you’re going to actually buy the house from them and instead of putting $100 down, can you put down $5,000 down and actually back it up with a very quick sale?

How quickly can you really close?

There is No Loyalty Here

Potential clients are going to be shopping that offer to other people. If you can actually guarantee them and put the money down that shows that you can close quickly, then that’s a major differentiator in the market. You know like I do, that many competitors are going around writing offers with $100 down or $20 down.

If you can actually have a quick sale and put your money down and say, “I’m going to do this,” which means kind of certainty of sale. That is a major differentiator.

Always Be Transparent

Number two is transparency, and I’m going to talk about this a little bit in another video, but what I’ve found that in business it’s very helpful to be empathetic with your buyer, with your seller, and to be transparent.

Actually, show how you’re going to make money. Maybe even to show how much money you’re going to make.

Talk about how some parts of your business don’t kind of work as well as other parts to be vulnerable, to be open and to say, “Look, this is what we do well, this is what we do not as well,” and to just be straight up with people.

Being Vulnerable Can Actually Play To Your Advantage

I tend to be kind of vulnerable and that’s what I bring to the markets. What I bring to our business, to our team, to my relationship, to my family, to people.

I really try to be very transparent and to talk about how, in some ways, what I’m saying is bullsh*t and talk about where that is. How is it that you know, everything that I say can’t be perfect, right? Everything that I do can’t be spot on. And so what parts are just kind of the ugly parts?

Communicate, And Then Communicate Some More

Number three is that a unique selling proposition for you as a real estate investor is high communication. Oftentimes, we’ll get a house under contract and it will disappear and we won’t tell the seller kind of what’s going on.

So can you email them, call them, text them, call them again, text them? A lot of people like to get texts and email communication.

Be Persistent And Consistent

But then, can you get in touch with them every single day? We found that in business, (and I’m guilty of this in my own business) that I often have not communicated with my clients enough and I’ve had to learn that the hard way from the marketplace when we’ve had clients cancel, or when we had clients fire us because we weren’t communicating enough.

What I want you to do is consider that a great unique selling proposition, A USP for you, is to communicate a lot. To talk with the client a lot, with the seller.

It May Seem Redundant, But It’s Not

Once you get the house under contract, send them a text and say, “Thank you.”

Text them the next day. Text them and tell them what’s going on.

Email them, call them, have your staff call them. Say, “Here, we’ve got the inspection scheduled.” Okay?

“The inspectors almost there.” These are two different calls.

The third one, “The inspector is there.” Fourth one, “This is what the inspector said.” Fifth one, “Thank you very much for letting me the inspector come,” okay.

So high communication. These are three different ways you can have a unique selling proposition and it matters. You can blow the competition away when you employ these things.