Why It’s So Important To Track Your Specific KPI’s

Hey, I’m Haley, and this is Advanced Digital Marketing For Real Estate Investors.

All right, so today, you got to track your KPIs.

Do that for me.

Please don’t fall into the trap of KPI death.

What In The World is KPI Death, and How Do I Avoid It?

What is that? It’s when you track so many numbers that the ones that are really important you don’t even look at and you’re just, you’re cluttered out with numbers.

So what are the most important ones? I’m going to tell you the best five that you have to track. You’ve got to do it.

  1. Revenue from your organic traffic.
  2. ROI from your organic traffic.
  3. The ranking of your primary keyword.
  4. Total linking domains.
  5. Total organic traffic.

Why is This So Important?

You need to know all of these to be able to calculate some really important details and figure out if what you’re doing is actually paying off.

If you don’t know what these are yet, it’s okay. Just set some time aside and make sure to figure them out.

We’re going to go over in a few other videos how to actually figure out these details. So stay tuned.