Adjusting Your Ad Bids For Mobile

Hey, how you doing? It’s Mark with Rokket Science for another additional round of advanced digital marketing for real estate investors. Today we’re going to talk about how to do bid adjustments on your mobile devices.

It’s a Mobile World

What you will find when you are running Google Ads for real estate investing is that a lot of your traffic is going to come from mobile phones.

Now not necessarily all of it, and I’ve shown some other videos where we see that about three-quarters of it is from mobile phones. Literally the traffic, the people that find your ad, that click on your ad, they’re going to find that on their phone.

Diving into Some Specifics

I’m going to show you an account right now where we made a few adjustments, and I’m going to tell you why we’ve made them, and I’m going to tell you what those look like when we get into the account.

Right now here in this account, we are looking at how we’ve made some device adjustments based on a specific reason. What we’ve done here is we have basically stopped all traffic going to desktop computers and to tablets, and the reason why was because on this particular account we wanted to reduce the budget a little bit.

We could’ve kept the budget going to computers, tablets, and mobile phones, but because we wanted to concentrate the budget in an area that’s working really well, which is mobile, you will see here that we have adjusted the bid up for mobile, and we’ve adjusted it down for computers and tablets.

Turning Off Unwanted Ad Channels

It’s kind of an interesting way that in Google Ads you adjust up or down … If you want to basically turn off a certain device. The way that you do that with Google Ads is you literally do a bid adjustment down of 100%.

What that says is that if someone is looking on a computer and they type in my search terms we buy houses, or sell my house fast in Colorado, if they’re on a computer, if they’re on a desktop computer then lower bid 100%.

Basically say that if we were going to bid $30 instead of bidding down 30%, which would be lowering it down to $20, we’re saying bid it down to 100%. Down to $0, and that literally turns off bidding, or it turns off the ability for your ad to show on a desktop computer.

Looking at Some Actual Adjustments

You see here you’ve got mobile phones, computers, and tablets, and computers have been turned down to negative 100%.

Tablets have been turned down to negative 100% as well, and mobile phones we’ve bid the adjustment up around 48%. I think that in this account the account level setting for the cost per click is around $30, but we’ve bid the adjustment up here around 50% almost, and that’s why the average cost per click is around $46.

Making Sense Of All These Adjustments

That said, this kind of bid adjustment has brought in one conversion here in the last few days, since it was made.

That conversion cost $139. That was literally a phone call, someone called in, we spent $139 to get that call.

What’s amazing here, is this conversion rate of 33%. So in this ad, or in the account the last few days, there have been three people who have clicked on this mobile bid adjustment and one of them called. So of all the people that went to the website in the last few days 33%, one out three, actually called.

In fact, I just saw on my computer that one of those calls came through and I need to go get that call.