Overview Of Google Ads Interface

Hey there. Welcome to advanced digital marketing for real estate investors. Today I want to walk you through the AdWords interface, or Google Ads interface, so I’m going to take you over there right now.

Breaking Down the Components

Okay, so right here we see the Google Ads interface. Over here on the left, these are all of the various categories and the functionality of the site.

Date Ranges

Up here at the top right, you see what is called a date range. So if you want to look at some various data in your account, we always do that by a certain date range.  I often set it to save 30 days up to today, but you could set it to 180 days. If you click this button it will go back for the last six months.

So right now it says 30 days up to today. It’s kind of refreshing there. And then up here at the top, we’re going to see some other different functions of Google Ads. Here is an important tool, or an important button. It’s called tools.

Adding Scripts, Rules and Payment Information

And over here we see planning, shared library, bulk actions. These are going to be where you ad scripts and rules to the account. Measurement, it’s got conversions, that’s a critical element of the account. We use that all the time. And then billing, payment, and set up over here. So when you first start the account you’re going to want to put in your payment details, and that’s where you’re going to do it.

There’s a lot of other things in here that I’m going to cover in another video, but this is the basic outline of the account. Over here on the left are the different functions that you’re going to use to set up campaigns.

And up here, under tools, it’s where you’re going to see more overview type elements of the account, like payment details, conversions, scripts, and where you set up different audiences for remarketing.

Hope that helps.