Project Description


The problem many rehab clinics are facing today is that advertising costs have grown significantly over the past 5 years, cutting deeply into the margins that many smaller clinics had previously been able to maintain.

Then, to make matters worse, the challenge of increased competition, coupled with Google’s total domination over where a business finds itself within the search engines, rehab business wwners need to have a very strategic plan to both survive as well as endure this time in the market.


1.   Get the website re-indexed within the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), which would entail fixing the code, optimizing the tags for relevance, and re-submitting all of the pages to the respective webmaster tools of the search engine providers;

2.   Optimize for page load speeds by, at a minimum, compressing images and condensing script files;

3.   Have a mobile-friendly site with AMP pages that would show up in the mobile search engine results pages. The mobile site should also display clear click-to-call and contact buttons.

4.   Achieve search engine rankings for both ibogaine treatment and opiate addiction related keywords, essentially to be found for critical and core keywords that prospects would be looking for;

5.   Restructure the entire website to ensure that a search engine bot could index all of the pages, as well as to ensure that “link-juice” flowed throughout the website and to the critical pages that they wanted to rank;

6.   Create a new blog on the site that was set up properly (this is one of the largest assets of any website in today’s Google world) and use it as a source of both fresh site content as well as for content syndication and off-site link-building;

7.   Create a better structure to showcase the reviews (i.e. rich snippets within structured data) as well as a new way to receive reviews;

8.   Leverage all of the social media accounts that The Sunrise Center had and create a new social media strategy that was both doable and sustainable;

9.   Be found within the Maps section of Google for their primary keywords.


1.  Rebuild the website in a fresh WordPress install, using King Size, a flexible and SEO- optimized theme. We would retain as close to their current look and feel as possible. This would ensure all the SEO capabilities of both WordPress and King Size could be leveraged to their fullest. It would also allow us to begin posting and syndicating keyword-focused blog posts.

2.  Create a smooth-flowing website intralinking strategy that would ensure search engine spiders thoroughly indexed all pages of their entire website.

3.  Build out a social fortress around their brand, driving traffic back to their website.

4.  Syndicate new blog content throughout branded Web 2.0 properties, driving traffic back to their website.

5.  Build a strong video-syndication campaign leveraging both Web 2.0 and video properties such as YouTube.

6.  Once the website was rebuilt and live, begin a strong article-posting schedule based on targeted keywords.

The Process

As a team, we broke the project up into 3 areas: website, off-page strategy, and content creation.


While it was a daunting project and a lot of work, it ended up working out well.


We’re proud of this one. It’s a hard industry to make a dent in, and we had to start almost from scratch.