Project Description


This family had a good site, a few locations. and a great start. But they were working in an industry that is incredibly challenging… senior care. It’s hard because it’s a very delicate topic, highly regulated, and beyond competitive. How do you make yourself known when you don’t have a huge budget? How to you speak your message and not sound like you want to profit off of people’s dying parents? True, they wanted to make a living, but they were there to help first. Not easy.


They had good content. First, that content needed to be reworked to be SEO friendly. We needed to work on their interlinking and make them an authority by getting them out their on the web.


One of the most important things for their business is that it wasn’t national. This is a local business. They had multiple locations, so we focused in the three areas they were already in. They had a pretty good brand and message already developed, so we developed that more and used what was already working.

Their project was a little tricky because of the multiple locations. We had to keep everything very segmented out, so that google understood what was going on within the site and within the PPC ads we ran for them. The ads were effective, but the thing that worked by far the best was the SEO. It seemed like, because of the nature of their business, people wanted to find them organically, not be advertised to.

The Process

These folks gave us free reign. They had time, it wasn’t an emergency, they wanted it done right.


A classy simple site that created trust and helped know they care.


This is a highly competitive market, and they are happy with the results, but the results are not as astounding as other, less competitive markets allow for.