Project Description


To differentiate themselves amongst all the other yoga studios out there. They wanted to be know for their specialty – Forest Yoga. You could hardly find them anywhere online and weren’t confident that they could be since they were a small studio.


Utilizing local SEO and PPC campaigns was the main way we felt we could help and deliver them results. They needed bodies in the door and on the yoga mat. They were confident that, once people tried their classes, they would love them (assuming they loved yoga) because they were gentle and fierce all at the same time.

So our job was to create the exposure, have a consistent brand message, and to reach the people that were the best potential clients for them.


First, we needed to find out more about their clients. They didn’t really know who they were. They knew their names and their faces, but didn’t know why they practiced. We did surveys of their current clients to find commonalities between them. This really helped us with our messaging.

Once we got that right, we implemented highly localized PPC to get new students coming in for classes immediately. This was our focus for a few months while we started to work on their SEO. Their site was a mess and required a total rebuild. This took some time and turned out beautifully. Once we had the new site, we were able to optimize the local SEO.

The Process

While it was involved and had a lot of moving pieces, it was pretty simple.


Their site ended up beautiful with lovely words, images, and videos.


These amazing yogis turned into incredible business people. We’re so delighted to see their success.