Understanding Your Objectives

Hello, and thanks for stopping by Rocket Science – Advanced Digital Marketing for Real Estate Investors.

Today I want to talk about smart goals.

In an Adwords campaign, or really any digital marketing campaign, it’s so hard for business owners sometimes to understand how critically important it is to know what goals you’re going for, to know specifically what is the objective that you’re trying to achieve. Why are you running this Adwords campaign? For that matter, why do you even have a website?

What Do Productive Goals Look Like?

Well, here’s a great way to measure goals. We set up goals in the campaign, these look like conversion in Adwords, and typically you, as a real estate investor, are going to want two specific goals.

You’re going to want people to call. That’s typically the most important and valuable goal. And you’re going to want people to fill in a form, which is typically the second most important goal.

Breaking it Down into Measurable Terms

And in our world, when I’m setting up a campaign, I’ll actually measure a website visit. That is one unit. A form fill as fifty units. And a phone call as one hundred fifty units. So a phone call is actually about 150 times more important and valuable than a single website visit. That’s how we measure it.

What Does ‘SMART’ Mean?

Now I’m going to talk about five elements of a goal. And these can be used with the acronym, S.M.A.R.T.

First, we want your goal to be specific. 

Number two, we want the goal to be measurable. You can measure it, you can say that this happened and this did not happen over here. We can do that very well in Analytics and Adwords.

Number three, we want your goal to be achievable. We want it to be possible that you can actually get it done.

Number four, we want your goal to be relevant, for it to be meaningful for your business.

And number five, we want your goal to be time-based. We want to get this many goals in this amount of time.