Ben wanted to build a new website and take his business up a few notches professionally. He's in a competitive Real Estate Market, so he needed to stand out online as a Dominant Investor in Indy. He needed to focus on Local SEO, Brand Management, Google Maps & Google Ads.

Ben Buys Indy Houses

CASE STUDY: 48 Qualified Leads in 3 months for a 35k Offer


Ben is the owner of a wholesale house buying company in Indianapolis, IN. We manage SEO for this business & his 2nd business Invest With Ben


When Ben got in touch he was young, had been in business a while and was ready to turn his hustle into a business.

To begin our work we needed to start with an updated fresh Wordpress website. It was optimized for speed, SEO (ranking locally) and getting people to request an offer.

Take a look below to see the visual difference

Next was time for the real work - producing leads & ranking Top 3 for industry Keywords.

48 ORGANIC Qualified Leads within 3 Months + Many Top 3 Keywords

Old Website vs New Website

Services Include

• Actively Managing Google Ads

• Google Maps (Local SEO)

• Website Optimization for SEO

Take over the local Indy Market as the trusted Real Estate Investor that pays a fair price.

• Build Brand New Site in Wordpress Optimized for SEO